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Shots Over Frederick is FAA Part-107 Certified
Lic.# 4183513 
$1M COI Per Flight

With NEARLY INSTANT Airspace Authorizations for FIVE Class B & Class D Controlled Regions within a 100 mile radius of Frederick, MD INCLUDING the DCA SFRA*. Offering Night Operations as we are fully FAA 14 CFR Part 107.29 compliant by ALC-677 recertification.

  • Where can you fly? I thought drones were illegal.
    Second part first; Drones are not illegal. Full stop. What is "illegal" is the commercial use of a drone by someone who is not Part 107 licensed by the FAA. Commercial as in the taking of images and video to be used in furtherance of a business. Yes, it is a federal offense and yes they are cracking down and fining people for ignoring this. First part second; I can fly *almost anywhere. Depending on whether the airspace is controlled or not is just a matter of filing a simple flight plan through an automated service called LAANC. For areas in our region where that is not available I have wide area airspace authorizations from the FAA which permit me to fly. As you get closer into the the DC Capitol region (also known as the DC SFRA/FRZ) special waivers have to be requested from the FAA to fly within a 15 to 7nm radius of DCA / Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. This takes a planning of roughly 10-14 days out from when you would like me to fly. As for inside a 7nm radius of DCA, if you have the $$ for the resources required which includes a LEO (law enforcement officer) and the project is worth the effort of paperwork and waivers needing to be filed, sure we can fly there.
  • Who owns the images and video if I hire you to shoot and edit a Real Estate video?
    In all services provided to clients EXCEPT "Just The Shots!" or "Photography Fee", Shots Over Frederick and Meech Creative, LLC maintains the ownership rights to all materials gathered in the process of producing the Final Edit Version(s). You (the client) have purchased the Final Edit Version(s) to be delivered, for example, in "Real Estate Aerials", the explicit use of listing a property & reciprocal use on your business website for promotion. See 8.3 from the Master Services Agreement for further details.
  • Can I have the RAW images and/or video upon completion of a service I have hired you to perform?
    No. With the exception being the "Just The Shots!" service, no RAW, DNG, non-conforming, unedited imagery or video will be provided to the client outside the constraints of the agreed upon shot list for the service provided. Only the individual shots based on the agreed upon shot list (deliverables) will be provided. See 8.3 of the Master Services Agreement for complete details.
  • If you have shot video or images for me in the past but they were ultimately never used in a Final End Version at the time and I would like to use them in a new can we make this happen?
    In the simplest answer, it's easy. But there are choices to be made and those choices depend on one factor; Who is editing the images or video for public use? If I am editing the piece for you, it's as simple as getting a quote for editing your project. If you yourself are editing (or contracting another editor for said purposed) or generically utilizing the images or video, we draw up a Media License Agreement which grants you legal right to use the images and video for a predetermined amount of time. Shots Over Frederick and Meech Creative, LLC maintain ownership rights to all images and video captured in to process of producing a Final Edit Version(s). See the Master Services Agreement and Media License Agreement for more details.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Shots Over Frederick has a 72hr invoice payment window. I get it, not all businesses do business the same way with regards to payments. Your business may pay out Net 30, 60, 90+. And that is what works for you. Because of the relatively quick turnaround time for roughly 80% of the work I do, and many of those individual projects costing clients less than $200, I have a 72hr invoice payment window. I cannot run my business waiting 30+ days for $200 on a real estate listing shoot for which the client would have wanted deliverables within 72hrs. Net 30+ is for businesses with retainers, projects requiring a Master Services Agreement, or an ongoing Statement of Work totaling more than $1000.
  • How long will it take for me to get my deliverables? What is the turnaround time?
    I advertise a 72 hour turnaround time frame for most projects. That clock starts ticking once the Invoice For Payment is shown to have had a payment submitted for it...which also has a 72 hour window from the time the Invoice is sent. The payment still won't reach me directly for roughly 7-10 days so no worries about me running off to the Islands with your money. The only work on your project that happens prior to Invoice submittal to the client is the actual image or video capturing session. This protects both you and I and assists in keeping me on track for project completion. Don't quote me on this, but MOST projects that are Real Estate related or a Just The Shots package have a 24 hour turnaround. Long form pieces may require extra time, but I still shoot for that 72 hour window.
  • How do you deliver completed projects?
    I use WeTransfer and DropBox to transfer all deliverables electronically. It's the fastest and safest way to move large file sizes from point A to point B.
  • What is your cancellation policy on a project?
    I am very very flexible. Look, things come up. Life happens. More often than not it will be me cancelling due to unforseen inclimate weather rendering flying a no-go for that day. That's how Aerial Photography works. We chase good weather, especially for Real Estate. That being said; If we ultimately can't reschedule your project timeline and it is more than 72 hours from our scheduled time to shoot, no worries and any upfront retainer fee paid will be returned. If it is less than 72 hours from our scheduled time to shoot, any upfront retainer fee paid will be held as this will now result in a lost booking for that day / time slot. For Real Estate; ALL cancellations and reschedules NOT RELATED TO WEATHER are subject to the aformentioned 72 policy. However, if we arrive on the quoted, agreed, and scheduled time and date to shoot the property, and the property is not camera ready as agreed upon in the quote, a $45 rescheduling fee will be added to the invoice as we will now have lost a time slot for that day. This fee may be greater for locations outside of the 30 mile service area. If I have completed the scheduled shoot and you have signed the Master Services Agreement or a Single Event Photography Contract and you have decided that you no longer wish to have these serivces provided, any upfront retainer fee provided will be held, you will still be Invoiced and expected to pay that invoice and I will likely have some great footage to add to my portfolio.
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