Elevate Your Point of View

With a play on the Colonial and Civil War history of the Frederick and Western region of Maryland, "Shots Over Frederick" is the aerial wing of Meech Creative, LLC. 

I've taken pictures pretty much every day of my adult life, starting long before the advent of camera phones and Social Media.

As a broadcast and theatrical professional and aviation enthusiast...I'm using my years of visual media experience to tell your story in pictures. 

Exceptional customer service...

It's just me. No receptionists, dept. heads or supervisors. You're working directly with me on every detail, from consultation and booking to final delivery.

Photography quality guarantee...

If after a shot list comparison review I haven't captured what you're looking for, I'll reshoot it at no cost to you*. 

Let's get together and collaborate.

- James




About me; I have worked in the creative, radio, television and performing arts for nearly 30 years. I grew up in and around broadcasting as my father worked in radio. I took to the Musical Theatre stage at age 9, became a techie climbing the lighting grids at age 13, began my professional career in radio at age 19. I have worked for many years in the Performing Arts from Community Theatre to Equity in nearly every capacity; actor, singer, director, producer, technical director to scenic and lighting designer. I began my career in television in 1998. I am currently in my 15th year with Warner Media & Turner Broadcasting.

As with many Professional Services, there is a market rate for the services being provided. In an area with healthy and competitive providers, the pricing should not only reflect a median of who is charging what but the quality of the services being offered.


Be wary of those who are offering their services at radically and in a way suspect lower prices than the majority in an area. This may be an indication they are not FAA Part-107 Certified, not insured and likely not a skilled media professional but rather just someone with a drone looking to make a quick buck at your expense.


As a business owner you should know the following;

It is against FAA Federal Regulations for the commercial use of aerial images and video obtained by a drone "in furtherance of a business" (basically to promote your business to make money) if the Remote Pilot In Command (RPIC) is not Part-107 Certified by the FAA. Commercial Use is any operation in furtherance of a business, whether or not money is transferred, such as photography, agriculture, pipeline inspection, etc. If what I shoot helps your business make money, that's in furtherance of a business


If we end up collaborating, do not worry you are in good hands! If you end up flying with another provider, inquire about their pilot's certification.


As the landscape of drone regulations comes clearer into focus, so too will those regulations being enforced. It is happening on YouTube and other social media platforms where there is monetary gain. Real Estate agents are also finding themselves unable to fly for themselves, where once just a few years ago they would take their own aerial pictures of a property. They can no longer do that, nor have their friend who owns a drone do them a favor and take pictures for them. 

Let a professional, certified commercial drone pilot handle all your aerial imaging needs.

*Re-shoot fees do not apply to first party individuals who have hired Shots Over Frederick directly through this website, email or phone consultation. All second and third party clients from or using a drone pilot referral website not directly or indirectly communicating with Shots Over Frederick are subject to a $45/half hour re-shoot fee separate and above any invoiced payment through such referral website.